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Hypnotherapy is practiced by a trained professional who is a psychotherapist as well as a hypnotist. Dr Janet Hall offers medical hypnotherapy for individuals, couples and families. Various forms of psychotherapy are available from this clinic including counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, gestalt therapy, rational emotive therapy, bio feedback, relaxation, stress management, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Because hypnotherapy is a form of learning, repetition is helpful, as it was when you learnt your multiplication tables as a child, until you “knew it off by heart”. Hypnotherapy speeds up this process. The number of sessions you need will depend on how mild or serious your problem is and how long you have had it. Generally speaking, the easier the problem and the shorter time you have had it, the fewer number of sessions that you will require. Many conditions require about 6 sessions. Sessions normally last one hour.

Homework & Attendance

Some people think that hypnosis is a magic wand and that the therapist will do all of the work. Hypnosis is like other forms of learning where the teacher needs to be knowledgeable and a good communicator and the pupil needs to be attentive and do some homework.

In general those who practice the relaxation exercises given by the therapist once or twice a day achieve the best results. Some people need medication to help with their condition eg. in severe depression.

Relaxation and hypnotherapy help with most medical conditions and people often need smaller quantities of medication. When being treated, continue to take any medication which you agreed to take and talk to your doctor before changing any dosage.

Remember to keep all of your appointments. Some people only come for help when they are in serious trouble and stop attending when they feel some improvement. You will need to attend until both you and your therapist agree that the time is right for you to finish therapy. Continue your therapy until your improvement becomes second nature and then you are more likely to make your success a lasting success.

There are two ways that hypnosis can be used to help people change for the best:

1. Hypnotherapy
This is where a hypnotherapist induces an altered state of attention or degree of awareness in another person. The process may result in a variety of phenomena, which occur spontaneously or in response to verbal suggestions. These phenomena include changes in memory and an increased openness to, and sometimes even surprising acceptance of, changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours due to suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.

2. Self-hypnosis
This is where a person puts themselves in a state of deep relaxation and altered state. They can do this by listening to a prerecorded CD which has suggestions which they chose to make to themselves and recorded in their own voice. The suggestions help them move rapidly into hypnosis and further suggestions help them to focus on positive changes that they have decided that they want to have happen in their life. If they do not wish to use a CD, they may simply allow themselves to be suspended in the changed state of consciousness and trust that positive changes occur in them as a result.

Dr Janet Hall specializes in making personalized hypnotic audio recordings to help people overcome their feelings of depression and panic. You may not even have to attend in person – simply fill in a personalized questionnaire and Dr Jan will make you an individualized CD designed to maximize the “Cocktail Party Effect” (the power of your own name to positively and deeply condition your unconscious mind).

You can also contact Dr Jan about her prerecorded Self-hypnosis CDs from the Super-boost Your Success collection and CDs are designed specifically for help with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, smoking, weight loss and other topics. See the full list of recordings available.

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