Dr Jan’s Hyp-NO-Fat Program ™ Easy Eating Management With Hypnosis

The Dr Jan Hyp-NO-Fat Program is designed to suit the individual and depending on their start weight and history of food issues, is usually conducted over five months:

  • Weekly sessions for the first month
  • Fortnightly sessions for the second month
  • Monthly for three more months

Dr Jan’s Hyp-NO-Fat Program – Treatment plan

1 . Assessment:

Medical history
Weight problem history
Previous attempts to manage eating
Reasons for current weight management
Current eating habits
Current psychological approach to weight
(eg.negative thoughts about ability to lose weight)

2. Treatment:

Devise individualized plan to promote positive eating habits.
Specify What, When How:

Hypnosis and Imaginal Rehearsal of the above

You keep records of food intake, exercise, relaxation and moodfor 2 weeks consistently, then you can gradually reduce the amount of recording until food management stabilises and awareness of success is clearly evident.

Establish positive thoughts for controlling nutritious, balanced and satisfying eating habits.

3. Ongoing treatment:

Sessions include hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy and coaching. Hypnosis to unblocking obstacles to success: Using the ‘Focus’ technique, this session aim to help you to go ‘inside’ and identify the ‘block’ to your ability to solve your own problem and be an ‘easy eater’ up till now. Often, the block can be released and there is a great sense of relief and new motivation. Exploration of the unconscious and identifying negative anchors of the past. This is an opportunity to go deeper into hypnosis and explore how the past can be understood. NOW Plan the Future, Set goals for Long-term Success, Commit to strategies.

What do I have to do in order to become hypnotized?

To become a good hypnotic subject, you need, first of all, to keep an open mind.You should ignore the half-truths and gossip from well-meaning friends and relatives who might deride your decision to try hypnosis. When you arrive for your initial visit, you should listen and observe everything you can to ensure the best possible chance of success for your hypnotic induction. You should have complete confidence in your therapist. Finally, have faith in your ability to co-operate fully and to relax. In other words, arrive for your appointment expecting to be hypnotized-and you will be.

Once you set the ’stage’ for yourself, you will need only to listen to your therapist’s voice and to follow all the simple elementary suggestions. For example, your hypnotherapist may tell you that your eyelids are getting heavy. It is imperative that you think, believe, and even feel your lids getting heavier at that time. If you cannot feel it, try imagining that you do. With just a little experience, you will be able to ‘pretend’ almost anything. Later, as you permit yourself to feel most of the sensations that are suggested, this pretence will not be necessary.


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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric Band Procedure – No Diets, No Risky Surgery


Tired of worrying about your health, constantly struggling to lose weight, lethargic and weighed down by those extra kilos?

Perhaps you have looked into surgery, but do not fit the criteria, or have health issues that might preclude you?
Q.     What if you could get all the benefits of a stomach band without ever stepping into a hospital?
A.    The answer – The  Virtual Gastric Band Procedure.  It’s safe, allows you to lose weight fast…. and keep it off!!

  • Non invasive
  • No surgery, anaesthetic , stitches or scarring
  • No demanding diets
  • No risk
  • No pain
  • No hospital stay or time off
  • No post operative anxiety or complications

Changing your body through your mind with hypnosis.

This specialised procedure is now available at Richmond Hill Psychology,  Melbourne’s premier Virtual Gastric Band Specialist, for a healthy weight loss alternative.  Based on the same principles as gastric surgery, only using the power of your mind to reprogram the brain.  Together we create a lifestyle change you can live with – get full faster because the stomach (in a virtual sense) becomes smaller.

You can now look forward to:

  • Looking and feeling the way you want
  • A stress-free procedure
  • Steady, consistent weight loss
  • Freedom to enjoy a healthy life
  • More energy and stamina
  • Increased self confidence and control

Call now to make an appointment for your 4 session program.  Some rebates apply.


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