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Uses of Hypnosis

Although hypnosis has extremely wide applications in medicine, in this practice it is used for stress management, habit disorders and phobias, tension problems, low self-confidence, anxiety connected with physical disorders (e.g. asthma, peptic ulcers, heart problems, irritable bowel) and problems of childhood. Techniques of self-hypnosis can be adapted to enhance creativity and drive. It is not used for formal psychiatric therapy, as specialist referral usually helps more effectively.

Medical hypnosis is completely unrelated to stage hypnosis.

Therapy is individualised and where possible continued as self-therapy. Most people appreciate the benefits of letting their subconscious mind help them to greater confidence, awareness, flexibility and tolerance. Some problems only require a few treatment sessions, others require a more extensive commitment. A session is normally of one hour

Hypnosis can be very useful for problems involving:

  • Anxiety, tension and stress. After a motor car accident, a 44 year old man successfuly overcame his ‘wobbly legs’ problem which was stopping him from driving
  • A sixteen year old boy stopped bedwetting so that he could live in at the National Sports Institute.
  • Pain management and rapid post illness / operation recovery
  • A woman who was fearful of minor tranquilizer addiction found hypnosis a better alternative to managing her pain.
  • A gynaecologist was amazed at his patient’s rapid post hysterectomy recovery after she used a personally designed hypnotic CD.

Changing bad habits

Smokers who are committed to getting off the weed often find they have less battle with urges to smoke when following a hypnotherapy program over three sessions. Read about Dr Jan’s Hyp-No-Smokes © program

Weight Loss can be easier if the imagination can be harnessed to effect your appetite control system.

Self Esteem and Confidence

With hypnosis you can improve your self image and motivation to succeed.


Hypnosis is particularly useful in overcoming anxiety This article explains how: Why Hypnosis is Powerful in Helping Anxiety

Superboost Your Success

Some people are sceptical about the power of positive thinking and the unconscious mind. Well, let them be mediocre and stuck with no-good feelings and actions! One of my favourite sayings is:


 But negative thinking does!
YOU can be a positive thinker!
YOU can learn how to maximise your success with self-hypnosis.Hypnosis is a natural drug-free alternative to enhance your self-empowerment. You are the initiator of change and it proceeds at your own pace. Hypnosis works in a gentle and gradual way and boosts your self-esteem from the inside. Hypnosis helps enhance the positive expectations of the future. You can relax and use self-hypnosis in the privacy of your own home and in your own time.

What Dr Jan does is take your history and then do a brief indirect method of hypnosis which can sometimes be amazingly powerful in unblocking obstacles to solving past problems or planning future success. Then she creates a personalised proforma to use as the basis for a script which she puts on CD for you to listen to everyday – it’s like having Dr Jan ‘on tap on CD everyday!


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