Stop Procrastinating

Dr Janet Hall’s Hypnosis Recording: Stop Procrastinating.

Dr Jan’s voice is very calming. The background music is pleasant and is just at the right volume. I could still hear Dr Jan’s voice even with music.  I felt peaceful and relaxed when I was listening to the CD. The CD also teaches you to be a true friend to your inner self and be self-confident, to become less conscious of yourself and your feelings. It also teaches you to be more trusting and confident of yourself, to be more decisive and active and to follow through and achieve goals. Additionally it teaches you to trust your own opinions and to act on the basis of your own opinions.

The CD is all about self-confidence and trusting yourself so that you can function properly and effectively. The gist of the CD is that the more confidence you have in what you need to do and ought to do, the less you procrastinate.


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