Your Hypnotherapists

Dr Janet Hall

janethallJan is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered clinical psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society & National Body. Dr Jan has used hypnosis extensively in her practice for over 23 years. She has been a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis since 1983 and has been a tutor for training hypnotherapists and an invited lecturer for the Annual Conference of the Society.

She has used hypnotherapy to treat issues dealing with addiction, smoking, gambling, weight management, sleep, drugs, depression, anxiety, phobias, post-natal depression and sex.

Jan has developed an eclectic style of psychological practice based on over 25 years of study and practice which has included neuropsychology and ability assessment, cognitive-behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, and humanistic psychology (including psychodrama and rebirthing).

Alex Augustine

alex augustineAlex is a Clinical Psychologist with full membership of the College of Clinical Psychologists and the Australian Psychological Association.  Alex has previously worked with children and families at the Royal Children’s Hospital and offenders at Corrections Victoria.

Alex works with adults, adolescents and children.  She has an interest in treating Anxiety and Depression, Sexual Dysfunction and Desire Disorders in individuals and couples.  Alex has worked with difficulties associated with Eating, Bereavement and Adjustment disorders, Self-harm and Sleep problems.  Alex also has extensive experience working with complex behavioural and/or emotional difficulties in children.

Alex is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better; she believes that anyone can reach their full potential and make positive changes when given the tools to do so.  Alex uses a cognitive-behavioural approach emphasisisng collaborative client-centred treamtent to get you the results you want.