Most people will become permanent non-smokers with this 3 session plan for your unique, personal hypnosis success.


  • Frustrated by the amount of times you have tried to quit?
  • Sick of feeling sick… worried about your health?
  • Tired of everyone giving you quit smoking tips but nothing changes?

Hypnotherapy is a proven technique for quitting smoking. Our quit smoking program supports you to stop smoking naturally.

Hypnotherapy works! You’ll feel :

  • empowered as you eliminate cravings and urges
  • energised as you begin to feel the health benefits
  • in control of your choices and behaviours
  • free to enjoy a healthy life

To ensure long term success this program is conducted over three sessions. Although some people have stopped smoking following the first session they recognise the value of ongoing support to prevent relapse.

Week 1:
  • Explore motivation and goals
  • Establish what patterns and associations are present & determine alternative positive behaviours, beliefs and goals
  • Hypnosis and relaxation
  • Address cravings and undesired behaviours – strengthening motivation and focus on goals
Week 2:
  • Review and address any difficulties or obstacles that you may have experienced since last session
  • Reinforce new positive habits, patterns and behaviours through hypnosis
  • EFT overview – an additional support strategy using acupressure points
Week 3:
  • Identify and address any future situations where temptations may arise – to successfully ensure your long term goal to stop smoking permanently
  • Dispel misconceptions that it might be OK to have “just one” when in difficult situations down the track – it’s never appropriate
  • Reinforce new positive habits, routines and associations
  • Reinforce ongoing health and wellbeing goals

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Some Private Health Cover Rebates apply

How Kate and Craig became permanent non-smokers with hypnotherapy

Kate and Craig had 3 individual hypnosis sessions over 2 weeks. They had both been smokers for over 20 years. Kate had stopped smoking for her 3 pregnancies but resumed after each baby was born. The couple had three children under the age of five and were strongly motivated to create a smoke-free environment for their children. They usually smoked outside at night and Craig admitted that they felt like naughty kids themselves, sneaking out to the back yard to have a cigarette. Their four year old daughter had actually complained about the bad smell when she hugged her parents! Both Kate and Craig enjoyed their first session of hypnotherapy. Craig was amazed to find that he burst into tears at the thought of how his father had died at a quite young age and how much he was missed. Craig realized he wanted to live a long and healthy life with his children. Yet all did not go smoothly. Three days after their first session, the next-door neighbour called in for some drinks. He was a smoker and when he offered Craig a cigarette, Craig took it! Kate told herself that if Craig was going to smoke, she might as well too!

Next day there were two hung-over and guilty people, determined to stop smoking this time! At the beginning of the second week, Craig had to go back to work after having a year paternity leave. Kate had been working part-time. Sadly, Craig returned to work to find that he had been made redundant and faced unemployment. He immediately went out to buy some cigarettes and ’smoked his head off all that day’. That night Kate reassured Craig that losing his job was not the end of the world and they discussed his other options, including starting his own business.

A more motivated Craig ‘floated’ out of his third hypnotherapy session feeling good about the future and determined to be a permanent non-smoker this time.

Kate left her third hypnotherapy session and bought a pregnancy test at the chemist on the way home. She was startled to find that she was pregnant again.

She was certain that this time she could easily remain a permanent non-smoker! Now you may not need to get pregnant to stop smoking – any time is a good time to stop. Why not stop now, with the aid of drug-free hypnotherapy?

If you don’t smoke, give a smoker who you know, the support to stop-smoking NOW. Help them to be willing to commit to the Dr Janet Hall Stop Smoking Program NOW. Pre-pay 3 sessions of hypnosis NOW and give it to them as YOUR gift of a longer life. The Dr Janet Hall Stop Smoking Program can help anyone stop-smoking and be Smoke-FREE Permanently… easily. Buy a 3-session voucher online

Corporate Stop Smoking Program™

Reasons For Implementing A Corporate Stop Smoking Program

Investing in a program to help people stop smoking gives the desirable picture, both to staff and the public, that the company cares for the wellbeing of its employees. Studies conducted for leading corporate clients show a return on investment exceeding 600% through productivity gains derived from the implementation of a stop smoking programme. Non-smokers often resent the smokers frequently leaving their work area to “sneak” cigarettes in stairwells, lift areas or outside the building. Smokers will “clock-watch” in a distracted state, waiting for lunch-breaks or the end of the working day when they can finally have a cigarette. For these reasons corporations have discovered that Dr Jan’s Stop Smoking approach is an effective way of tackling the issue of smoking in the workplace.


Benefits of having a smokefree workplace include:

  • A safer and cleaner environment
  • Healthier staff and raised awareness of the health risks of smoking
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • More energy
  • Catering for the majority of staff and visitors who do not smoke
  • Reduced risk of legal action from employees and visitors
  • Reduced risk of WorkCover (Workers’ Compensation) claims from passive smoking caused illness
  • Reduced fire risk, which may lead to lower insurance premiums for your workplace
  • A progressive healthy corporate image for your workplace
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Reduced absenteeism from smoking and passive smoking-caused illnesses
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in profitability
  • Improved employer/employee relations
  • Improved company morale.


How Dr Jan’s Stop Smoking Program Works

Research says that a one-off group can succeed with about 65% stopping smoking, but after 3 months half of those may be smoking again! If we are to really succeed I want to have the best possible program to maximize everyone’s chances of stopping and staying stopped permanently. We start with a group session of two hours – consisting of introductions, explanations of hypnosis, examination of problems in stopping and staying stopped, and a half hour of hypnosis and debrief. I would also want to give each person my Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking CD (RRP $47.95 each) to practice with daily – they will continue to consolidate their resolve and have the suggestions hammered home. Then after one week we should have another group session of one hour and after one more week, another one-hour. Then there is another session one month later to see who has stayed stopped and who else may need individualised super-boosting!

For those people who are really struggling, I would like the opportunity to offer half hour one-to-one sessions with each person to do individual hypnosis to eliminate the residual “smoking addict” which may be hiding inside, waiting to pounce next time the person is vulnerable. From my experience, the main thing is to balance the positive expectancy of the hypnotic techniques with the reality of the behavioural techniques. This requires me educating the people and giving them daily strategies and opportunities to get support as they get off the nicotine addiction and stop being triggered by their environment. I do this through our face-to-face meetings and daily email contact over the first three weeks.

The Smoker’s Commitment:

I suggest that the individuals invest a percentage of the money themselves eg $150 and the company pays the rest. Those folk who have private health insurance may claim $20-$40 per group session! If they survive the program and remain smoke free for three months, they get back the $150 they deposited (but the money goes to a charity if they do not stick with the program and attend sessions). This gives them both commitment and incentive.

The Company Commitment:

How much Dr Jan’s Stop Smoking Program costs the company depends on the numbers of participants and how the program is run. Eg. if meetings occur before 5pm at night or after hours.

Dr Jan’s on site meetings:
The best time is Monday afternoon so they start the week smoke-free and fresh.

2 hours week 1
1 and half hours week 2
1 and half hours week 3
1 hour week 6
1 hour week 12 – celebration time!

Plus unlimited email contact from each person!

Contact Dr Jan for more details on costs.

Important Note:
Dr Jan’s Stop Smoking Program is unique in how it uses hypnotic techniques to help people stop smoking. However, the program is NOT just based on hypnosis. The program also incorporates proven cognitive–behavioural and behaviour modification techniques in order to ensure the maintenance of being smoke-free.

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