Case Studies

Hypnotherapy Case Studies

A young woman asked for advice about her weight, and whether she could stop smoking too. Although neither her over-eating nor her smoking was excessive, she did have a compulsive need to relieve tension. When she discovered, through counselling and learning to relax, how she could achieve this relief without stress, she became a great deal more poised and confident. Busy executives often want to know what to do about ’stress’. After individual counselling and learning self-hypnosis, they are usually able to come to their own decision in their own way. Achieving subconscious equilibrium is very important.


“What’s the use of living when I feel this bad? I used to be happy and excited about life. Where did the old me go? I just want her back.”Jen burst into uncontrollable sobs. She had enough. Read More

Wedding Nerves

“I know I am supposed to be excited about my wedding, but I am terrified.”With the wedding three months away, Amber was asking for my help with hypnosis. Read More

Stop Smoking

“Sally” wanted to stop smoking because she was a singer who needed her voice to be fabulous.

She said her GOAL was:

To give up cigarrettes but more importantly to give up even the attraction to and ultimately feel indifferent to them. Sally was deligthed with the results of her therapy.

I have not had one puff on even one little cigarette since my 1st hypnotherapy session with Dr Karen Cook at Richmond Hill Psychology. I consider this quite a marvel since I was crying and scouring my car ashtray for remaining ‘butts’ as I parked my car outside her office just moments before that session! I found the three sessions helped support me through this change and the side issues that popped up along the way…like a new found obsession for chocolate that needed curbing! It’s over 6 months on and I am smoke free. Despite the fact I work in the music industry which is surrounded by smoking and also have a smoking boyfriend I have successfully achieved my goal. I found the first 2 months still required a conscious choice to not smoke as I was aware of old associations whilst out socially but now I am completely indifferent and no longer feel that I am missing out on anything. It’s quite a miracle to be in the familiar situation of a party, close friends, cocktails and a bunch of your buddies smoking and actually decline a cigarette without even thinking. It’s absolute freedom

More Recommendations

Meg (54) Office Administrator

After a serious fall down the stairs and accusations of incompetency at work (even when I had been putting in twelve hours work a day), I suffered severe physical pain and a nervous breakdown. Dr Jan’s hypnotic CD gave me considerable relief from pain and was the best natural sleeping pill I could find.

Matthew (31) Company Director and Maree (31) Psychologist

We wanted to share the birth of our baby and make it a beautiful and safe experience for us all. Dr Jan asked us to write down our ideal birth scene and then created for us a shared hypnotic CD which we listened to regularly throughout the pregnancy. By the time Ben arrived we were able to support each other in a loving and serene way which made the baby’s arrival a true time of joy. We believe hypnotic programming is the best way to look forward to a stress-free birth and welcome our baby into the world.

Lucille (52) Councillor

After my hysterectomy, the Doctor was amazed that I wanted to go home after three days. He recommended that the normal stay was seven days. He was astounded to learn that the reason that I believed that I had made a rapid recovery was that I had listened to Dr Jan’s hypnotic CD before and after the operation and programmed myself to a serene and successful operation and problem-free recovery.

June (55) Image Consultant

As an Image Consultant, it was important that I presented to large audiences with confidence. I sought Dr Jan’s hypnotic treatment to overcome my anxieties in presenting and never looked back. Now people say “Wow! You are a fabulous presenter!”

Melanie (29) PhD Student

I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks when I was returning from overseas on a plane. This made me totally plane phobic and I was also not able to return to work. Dr Jan’s hypnotic therapy helped me to get back to work within two weeks. Then she used hypnosis to systematically desensitize me to flying in planes and I am looking forward to going overseas on my honeymoon at the end of the year.

Gary (49) Manager

My wife insisted on visiting Dr Jan to find out how the sex therapist was going to treat my long history of premature ejaculation. My wife said “I want to make sure that Dr Jan is not going to be in session with you when she is wearing long black boots and carrying a whip”. Dr Jan was of course at all times very professional and in three sessions of hypnosis and in listening to her hypnotic audioCD, I was able to overcome the problem which I had suffered from for all of my adult years. (Next time we made love I lasted forty-five minutes!)


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